A Wellness Boutique

We are a naturopathic wellness boutique focused on helping you get your health back in balance.   

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct and comprehensive system of healthcare that uses traditional healing wisdom and natural remedies with modern medical knowledge to support and stimulate the body’s self-healing process.

Finding balance can be a tremendous challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Horowitz can help you identify physical, mental-emotional, social and environmental obstacles to optimal health and wellness, and guide you in making informed decisions for a happier, healthier you.

As a member of our wellness boutique, you will receive a customized approach to lifestyle medicine that will work for you – on your schedule – to help establish habits that will last a lifetime.


Meet the Team…


Dr. Erika Horowitz

Dr. Erika Horowitz is a licensed, award-winning naturopathic doctor with an expertise in Functional Endocrinology. Functional Endocrinology focuses on identifying hormonal imbalance in the body when symptoms begin to develop rather than waiting for the organs or glands to develop to a diseased state.

Bodies possess an inherent vital capacity to heal themselves with the support of non-invasive therapies.  

After over fifteen years of practice here in the Bay Area, Dr. Horowitz has developed an approach that supports and promotes change that is stable and effective. By removing the barriers to your body’s optimal function, you learn when your body is out of balance and the behavior and supportive nutrition needed to regulate it.  This education and modification process promotes health and ease in the body and leads to a feeling of balance, optimism and control.  Dr. Horowitz is committed to your long-term health and well-being and has created a model – built on science and compassion – that equips you for success.

“I respect my patients for the unique, dynamic, and ever-changing individuals that they are. My goal as your partner in wellness is to truly listen to your needs and concerns, so I can effectively address your immediate health care issues and provide long-lasting results. Recognizing that each individual’s needs are unique, I work with you to identify your personal health goals and, assist you in attaining those goals while increasing wellness and vitality”.


  • Best Doctor – San Francisco Bay Guardian – Best of the Bay 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Director Award – California Naturopathic Doctors Association- 2012-2014
  • Women of Excellence Award- Strathmore’s Who’s Who- 2017

Darby Jackson

Health Coaching is part of getting your life back in balance. To provide you with the best support, Dr. Horowitz works closely with Darby Jackson, a certified Holistic Health Coach, as you take charge of your health and wellness. While Dr. Horowitz focuses on re-balancing your life and health medicinally, Darby extends that care through food and lifestyle support. Together, they bring you a balanced life.

Darby’s passion for wellness began in her early 20’s when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. As a member of the US Women’s National Water Polo team and an NCAA athlete at UC Berkeley, Darby was forced to rethink the food that she was putting in to her body and how it was affecting her performance.

Nutrition and wellness soon became a passion for Darby. In 2014, she began studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and soon thereafter founded Darby Jackson Well-Being. She was a Health and Wellness expert on KTVU Channel 2 and consulted with various fitness and wellness startups in Silicon Valley. In 2016, Darby founded plant-protein beverage company, Après.

Darby uses her 6+ years of knowledge in the wellness industry to make individualized recommendations for her clients. She is extremely passionate about helping you create a lifestyle, not a diet. Her approach is to focus on “primary food,” not only making recommendations around diet, but by understanding all aspects of your bio-individuality, to help you see what feeds you energetically, physically, spiritually.

Link to website: darbyjackson.com

Instagram: @darbyjackson_


Jeannie Nahashon

Jeannie is our contributing writer and content creator for our blog and social media networks. She brings a great mix of her experience in the healthcare industry and her own personal journey with health. Jeannie graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science in Community Based Health Education where she studied the causal factors of specific health disparities, reproductive health and healthcare systems around the world. In her final year she partnered with San Francisco General Hospital on a pilot program where she worked in tandem with a local San Francisco chef to help young inner city high schoolers make healthy food choices and learn how to cook. After graduation, Jeannie worked for a nonprofit organization located in the East Bay called La Clinica De La Raza where she was a Clinical Health Educator. During her time there she received a $50K grant from Safeway to write an obesity reduction curriculum for middle school and high school students. To run the pilot program she collaborated with the medical team at the University of California San Francisco to carry out her curriculum that was used throughout the district.

After her time with La Clinica, Jeannie continued working with food and did so for over a decade before deciding to go back to school. She received her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition out of New York City. Jeannie also has her own coaching practice Afya Health Coaching where she loves being a support to her clients as they find balance and harmony within their own lives. What makes her story so unique is her own difficult journey with health, which is what inspired her to become a Health Coach and is what connects her most to her clients.

Link to website: afyahealthcoaching.com

Instagram:  @jeannienahashon