Now that more people are getting vaccinated and the restrictions are being lifted on social gatherings and travel, it’s time to  figure out how to lose the weight we all gained during the last year. The phrase COVID-19 lbs of weight gain has been thrown around. I have even learned a new phrase Kummerspeck (German): Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief- bacon.    

As we get ready for summer, many people are feeling like they need to reel it back in and perhaps even use this time to really focus on changing their habits and try to lose some weight or even “detox”. I have had many conversations with patients in the last few weeks on how to lose weight during and feel better going forward. 

 I am offering a few options for patients to consider: 

20 day or 30 day HCG weight loss program or a 11-21 day Detox program.              

HCG is a program that I often use with patients to reset their metabolism and jump start weight loss, especially when it is hormonal weight. That stubborn weight that won’t budge even if you are “doing everything right”. The biggest deterrent for HCG is the “social suicide” that you commit due to the sacrifices you have to make socially because of the restricted diet and having to cook all your meals. Since that is what we are doing anyway, this is a perfect time to take advantage of this time and make it worthwhile. Instead of COVID -19 lbs gained, how about 19 lbs lost?!        

How does HCG Help You Lose Weight? 

HCG is a natural human hormone that can be self-administered at home by a small subcutaneous daily injection. It is used in combination with a medically supervised low-calorie diet to ensure successful weight loss.

HCG naturally suppresses appetite and helps the body burn fat. It is also believed to help in metabolic recovery, where certain appetite-control functions in the brain are reset, allowing for permanent weight loss. But, like any other diet, your success is mostly dependent on how well you abide by the diet program and eat only the food and portion sizes allowed. HCG dieters consistently lose half a pound to one pound of fat per day!   

Spring Detox 

With Daylight Savings in full swing and the buds on the trees and spring blossoms this is a time of regeneration and a perfect time for rejuvenation. Spring is the perfect time to do a detox, think of it as a Spring Cleaning for your body! 

With an 11-21 day detox you can reduce inflammation, rejuvenate and recharge your life!

 Your personal detoxification program is designed to improve your health and aid your body in elimination. During the program, you may experience increased energy, improved digestion, weight loss, improved sleep and a sense of balance and control over your dietary habits. 

 To support your detoxification pathways, you will be using a special detox drink, specific supplements to promote elimination as well as follow dietary guidelines and an elimination diet. Exceptions and substitutions will depend on your particular health concerns and goals.

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Have a great rest of your week!

Dr. Erika Horowitz