Since we are two weeks away from New Year’s, we thought it was only right to talk about New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions do not need to be these over-the-top, transformative life overhauls that so many make them out to be. As a matter of fact, the smaller, the better when it comes to goal setting. When we think of making lifestyle changes, we have to think small because the goal is to keep whatever change we make for life.

To help us wrap our heads around goal setting, here are four tips from our Health Coach, Jeannie Nahashon:

1. Start small. If it seems too small, that is ok. Sometimes instant gratification isn’t a bad thing. Start with something you know is fail-proof to get your internal motivation going. Ask yourself what you can do today to be one step closer to your larger goal. Your satisfaction from accomplishing that small thing will motivate you to achieve more.

2. Set a date and/or time and stick to it. Whether your goal is to walk for 30 minutes by 5 pm today or do a 7-mile hike at the end of the month with a friend, set a date and time and hold yourself to it. Have your biggest goal be further out, and make daily mini-goals in between to keep yourself focused and motivated.

3. If any of your goals, large or small, are overwhelming you at any given time, then they are too lofty. Negotiate with yourself and figure out what goal you can make that doesn’t add any extra stress to your life. Your goal should light you up and inspire you, and if it doesn’t, it is time to reassess.

4. Accountability. Tell your friends and supportive family members what goals you’ve set. You may find that someone wants to join you, making the process even more fun. Having a community around you to hold you accountable is so important.

We hope this has helped you find healthy ways to reimagine what this next year could look like for you.

Be well,

Dr. Horowitz & Staff