Did you know that our connection with food predates us? This has been a topic of discussion in the culinary world that is gaining traction as of recent. When we talk about a history with food that precedes us, the term ancestral foods comes to mind. Ancestral foods are the foods that your ancestors ate. This includes your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and even what you ate as a child. This concept also consists of the story behind the food that your family eats. The journey your family took with their food and the availability of certain food. The journey the food took and the stories connected to those journeys are deeply ingrained in the food we eat, and it affects how those foods make us feel.

To dig deeper into your food history we have listed a few questions to consider. These questions may shine a light on why you gravitate towards some foods more than others.

  • What food did your family eat the most?
  • What cooking methods were used?
  • Did your family immigrate from somewhere? Or have they lived in the same location for generations?

Exploring these questions even deeper will bring you closer to:

  • The foods that are native to your country of origin.
  • The cultures that influenced your family cuisine.
  • The foods that give you comfort

¬†Food is information and messages to our body. Each food has a new message and within that message is a story. Within that story is your history. So go explore your story and history with food. It’s a fascinating journey to self-discovery.

We hope that this was insightful.

Have a wonderful week!

Be well.

Dr. Erika Horowitz and Team