Today I want to address a topic that I know all of us can relate to: how we stay centered and calm when the news is full of scary information.

There is a lot going on in the world right now that’s causing stress, anxiety and fear. While we don’t have much control over what’s happening, or how it’s being presented to us, there are things we can do to manage our emotions and get back to our calm, centered selves.

Here are 3 ways I’m managing the external chaos for internal peace:

  1. CONSUME CONSCIOUSLY: It’s easy to get wrapped up in the out of your control events of the world when you’re constantly glued to the television, waiting for the next CNN push notification, and checking Twitter every 5 minutes for an update. While being informed is important, these news updates do not need to consume your life. Set aside conscious time (perhaps 20 minutes in the morning and evening) to stay up to date with what’s happening without letting it run your day.
  2. JOURNAL: Try one of these two journaling prompts. 1) Write down everything that is causing stress and anxiety in your life. Fill an entire page. Then, rip that page out, rip up what you wrote, and flush it down the toilet. The intention here is to communicate to your body that you are letting go of these feelings. That they are no longer serving you. Repeat once per day, once per week or whenever you feel like you need a good clearing. 2) Write down all of your goals for the next 6 months as though they’ve already happened. For example, “My body feels energized and full of excitement,” “My career is taking off and I feel incredibly fulfilled by my work.” Try to do this every day for a week and notice the shift. Both techniques are designed to help clear limiting beliefs, release anxiety and help you get clear on how you’d like to feel.
  3. BECOME AWARE OF HOW YOU SPEAK: The things we say, and how we say them, are critically important when it comes to managing emotions. When you say something from a place of fear, “I’m so worried I’m going to get sick,” “I’m scared of what’s happening with the stock markets,” “The world feels chaotic and out of control right now,” it simply reinforces negativity. Instead, try talking about these fears from a place of power, “I trust that the economy will bounce back,” “I am confident in my immune system,” “I send love and support to everyone that is affected right now.” These simple, yet effective changes in how we speak can completely change our mood and even reset our stress hormones.