A Health Coach plays a substantial supporting role in medicine today. With the Health Coaching field growing, more and more medical doctors and naturopathic doctors are adding Health Coaches to their practices. But why? I’m sure you’re wondering, “how can a Health Coach benefit me?” And why do they play such a vital role in the world of medicine?

First, let’s define what a Health Coach is: 

A Health Coach is someone you speak to about your personal health concerns and goals. They take note of both, and find ways to support you in those areas. Health Coaches draw correlations between specific symptoms and outside influences. By doing so, they can uncover underlying causes to your health concerns. But most importantly, a Health Coach allows you to lead each session. They hold space for you in whatever capacity you need, while empowering, guiding, supporting and holding you accountable along the way.

How do Health Coaches add value in private practices?: 

Health Coaches play a similar and vital role in private practice settings because they understand each patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. They put the diagnosis and treatment in layman’s terms if needed so that it makes sense to each patient. And with that, a Health Coach helps patients figure out small, implementable steps to keep them motivated, on track, and practicing self-care along the way. A Health Coach also helps patients address their relationship with food and can guide them on how to cultivate a healthy one if that’s a goal of theirs.

A Health Coach caters their approach to their clients needs and comfort level with change. Their approach isn’t prescriptive, it’s a partnership. Someone offers support every step of the way and walks alongside you.

10 Reasons why you should work with a Health Coach: 

  • A Health Coach does not believe in a one size fits all approach and will specifically cater their coaching style to your particular needs.
  • They collaborate with you to make specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive goals.
  • If you are on a specific treatment plan, a Health Coach will support you and ensure that you adhere to your plan.
  • You get on-the-spot, day-to-day support, and someone to troubleshoot whatever obstacles may arise in the plan.
  • Whether you need daily or weekly check-ins, a Health Coach is there to offer as much support as you need.
  • The relapse rate into an unhealthy lifestyle is much lower with a Health Coach by your side.
  • A Health Coach offers great inspiration and recommendations to help you stay on track.
  • A Health Coach provides great support in bringing the food on your plate and the lifestyle you live into harmony and balance with each other.
  • A Health Coach takes a whole-person, whole body approach to your health.
  • In a clinical setting, a Health Coach has access to your health records and can help clarify any questions, and work with the protocol you are on while offering the same support as mentioned above.

At Dr. Erika Horowitz, we are so happy to have great Health Coaches who support our patients daily. For patients who become members, you get visits with a Health Coach included in every level of the annual wellness memberships. The number of complimentary sessions depends on the package you purchase. To sign up, or for more information, please email us at contact@drerikahorowitz.com.

Be well!

  • Dr. Horowitz & Staff