We talk a lot about what we eat and drink, but we seldom speak about what we consume as a form of nourishment. When we take a step back and look at the environment we are in, who we are around, the news that we consume, the shows we watch, how much sun and healthy foods we consume etc., we find essential elements in our lives that feed us and that aren’t just food-based.

A great analogy that can help with this thought process is thinking of plants, which is why our picture is that of repotting a plant. When we take care of our plants, we ensure that they have nourishing soil, enough sun, and enough water. If the plant isn’t doing well, we begin to ask ourselves a series of questions. Is it the soil? Is the pot too small? Is the plant getting enough water? Is it getting enough sun? Do we need to add nutrients to their soil? Do we need to change their environment? And the list goes on.

These questions are essential to the health of your plants. But what’s fascinating is that we don’t use these same questions on ourselves when we aren’t feeling well.

  • Is our environment nourishing us?
  • Do we need to add nutrients to our environment?
  • Are we fed on an intellectual, spiritual and emotional level?
  • Have we outgrown our “pot”?
  • Are we getting enough sunlight and healthy foods?
  • Are we fulfilled in our friendships?
  • Is our news consumption making us anxious?
  • Are the shows we watch uplifting?
  • Are we on our phones more than we’d like to be?
  • Have we taken media breaks?
  • Do we have any fun projects we can do at night?
  • Are we having enough fun in our lives?

Sometimes, just taking a break and asking ourselves a few questions can help give us a sense of normalcy. Or it can help us reprioritize things.

We hope this was helpful! And we hope that this newsletter finds you well.

Dr. Horowitz & staff